Behind the Horror of Warner Bros. Halloween Celebrations

Warner Bros. is without a doubt the largest producer of theatrical scares that are sure to delight each movie going visitor. But guests can experience the horror at more than just movie theaters, the company offers four spellbinding site around the globe, Bugs Bunny and the gang produce a haunted helping of Halloween scares to celebrate the season.
From run in's with Death Eaters at Warner Bros. Studios to haunted houses at any of the three vacation destinations, finding fiendish fun is easier than ever. We've compiled horrific treats from all over the world to bring you a cauldron-full of Warner fun to help find the perfect Pumpkin Juice fueled party.
The ghosts have all assembled for a rocking Deathday party. Whether from Australia, Spain, England, or the United States - evil events and Halloween fun can be found at either Warner Bros. Studio, or at one of their theme parks.  1. Fright Nights at Warner Bros. Movie World (Gold Coast, Australia)  At Warner Bros. Movie World mon…

How HBO Max Can Improve the Streaming Service Landscape for Itself

The upcoming streaming service joins the plethora of services already on the market and in the pipeline, including a chunk owned by WarnerMedia. It seems every company is launching their own streaming service, the digital landscape has become cluttered and difficult for the average consumer to navigate. When Netflix launched in April of 1998, little did they know they would quickly become the forefront of a new industry. 
Netflix started the trend of cable cutting, consumers dropping the expensive television channels in favor of a system where they could stream everything together. But with NBCUniversal launching the Peacock, The Walt Disney Company launching Disney+, and WarnerMedia launching HBO Max, many people have sited that the new streaming services have just ushered in a new form of premium channels which directly lead to the increase of piracy, and decrease of cable subscriptions. 
In the past two years Warner Bros. has launched two new streaming services Boomerang in 2017 whi…

Wizarding World TV Show Rumored to be In Development For New WarnerMedia Streaming Service

DOES THE SHOW INDICATE LARGER THINGS TO COME FROM WARNERMEDIA? It has been over eight years since the last Harry Potter film came out, and in that time the Wizarding World has still continued to dominate pop culture. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a stage play which follows Albus Potter, Harry's son, opened at the Palace Theater in London back in 2016. Duplicate productions have opened in New York and Australia to massive success. The Fantastic Beasts franchise which follows magizoologist Newt Scamander in the 1930s and 40s, has released two of the scheduled five films, with the third slated to be released November 2021. 
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are both mobile games made between Portkey Games, a gaming subsidiary of Warner Bros. dedicated to making exclusively Wizarding World games, and Jam City, and Niantic respectively. Both games have been massive successes with Hogwarts Mystery going on to win the 2018 Dragon Award for Best Science…

DC Super Heroes and Super Villains Take Over Warner Bros. Movie World

GOLD COAST | Debuting June 29, guests at Warner Bros. Movie World for a limited time will get to experience DC Superheros and Super Villains, a one of a kind experience. The event will feature an all new "light show parade" nightly at 5:30 pm, where a special homage will be paid to Batman for his 80th anniversary. "The event... coincides with the global year-long celebrations of Batman's 80th Anniversary and will pay homage to the Caped Crusader with a display of some of the most memorable Batmobiles through time," said Village Roadshow Theme Parks Chief Operating Officer, Bikash Randhawa.
The parade will delight fans young and old as Wonder Woman makes her way down Main Street, with strobe lights and LED's flashing. After the parade, Movie World is under new management as The Joker turns Main Street into his own personal Funhouse. The Joker Funhouse Party, will last from 6 pm to 8 pm every night and will feature a resident DJ, an array of food options incl…

The Creation of Warner Bros. Movie World

Everyone is familiar with seeing Warner Bros. characters like Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck in one of Six Flags' many theme parks. Which the theme park chain originally gained the rights to use in 1984. In the years that followed, Warner Bros. saw an increase of public interest in the Looney Tunes characters, due in part to their usage in the various parks.
Two things occurred as a result of the new public interest, firstly Warner Bros. began buying large amounts of stock in Six Flags, Inc. ultimately leading to them buying Six Flags out right in 1993. The second thing was that Warner Bros. had the idea to build their own theme park, built as a joint venture with Village Roadshow, the park was to be centered around Hollywood, the film industry, and most importantly of all, WB intellectual properties.
In 1989, the Warner company chose theme-park veteran Cornelius Vanderbilt Wood, also known as C. V. Wood, to be the President of the newly created Recreational division of Warner Brothe…