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The Creation of Warner Bros. Movie World

Everyone is familiar with seeing Warner Bros. characters like Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck in one of Six Flags' many theme parks. Which the theme park chain originally gained the rights to use in 1984. In the years that followed, Warner Bros. saw an increase of public interest in the Looney Tunes characters, due in part to their usage in the various parks.
Two things occurred as a result of the new public interest, firstly Warner Bros. began buying large amounts of stock in Six Flags, Inc. ultimately leading to them buying Six Flags out right in 1993. The second thing was that Warner Bros. had the idea to build their own theme park, built as a joint venture with Village Roadshow, the park was to be centered around Hollywood, the film industry, and most importantly of all, WB intellectual properties.
In 1989, the Warner company chose theme-park veteran Cornelius Vanderbilt Wood, also known as C. V. Wood, to be the President of the newly created Recreational division of Warner Brothe…