Behind the Horror of Warner Bros. Halloween Celebrations

Warner Bros. is without a doubt the largest producer of theatrical scares that are sure to delight each movie going visitor. But guests can experience the horror at more than just movie theaters, the company offers four spellbinding site around the globe, Bugs Bunny and the gang produce a haunted helping of Halloween scares to celebrate the season.

From run in's with Death Eaters at Warner Bros. Studios to haunted houses at any of the three vacation destinations, finding fiendish fun is easier than ever. We've compiled horrific treats from all over the world to bring you a cauldron-full of Warner fun to help find the perfect Pumpkin Juice fueled party.

The ghosts have all assembled for a rocking Deathday party. Whether from Australia, Spain, England, or the United States - evil events and Halloween fun can be found at either Warner Bros. Studio, or at one of their theme parks. 

1. Fright Nights at Warner Bros. Movie World (Gold Coast, Australia) 

At Warner Bros. Movie World monsters materialize in the form of a four new haunted house two of which are inspired by IT: Chapter Two, and Zomebieland. At the original Movie World, after 6pm guests can experience five different haunted houses, drink from a blood, or enjoy the musical stage set up at the Fountain of Fame.

2. Halloween at Parque Warner (Madrid, Spain)

This short term engagement is only available October 4th through November 3rd, eerie encounters include an expansion of the Warren Records haunted house (based on the most recent installment in The Conjuring Universe) , in The Animated Forest families meet scarecrows and other fantastic beings and must help them break the curse cast upon them by an evil witch. 

At night dozens of monsters line the streets as part of the Halloween parade, featuring floats specially designed for the event. The event also features a live Scooby-Doo show, a 4-D IT experience in the Chinese Theater, and more scares than you can count.

3. The Dark Arts of the Wizarding World (Warner Bros. Studios London)

From September 27th to November 10th, Halloween is in full swing at Hogwarts at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter. Guests are invited to the explore the darkness of the Wizarding World. They are about to brush up on their wand work by dueling Death Eaters, guests are able to see Unicorn Blood, Troll Snot, as well as the haunting masks of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named's greatest followers.

4. Friendsgiving (Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood)
Although last years fan favorite, Horror Made Here: A Festival of Frights, isn't happening this year. Guests are able to get into the autumn spirit for "Friendsgiving," they are able to see the sets of Friends decorated for autumn. In addition to the sets, guest are invited to the Studio's Commissary for a holiday themed feast featuring Turkey, Ham, and Friends-themed drinks.

Source and images: Parque Warner MadridFright NightsHorror Made HereDark ArtsFriendsgiving


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